I was born in Majdanpek in eastern Serbia in 1979. I moved to Belgrade in 2008 where I still live with my family.
During my career I met a lot of interesting people and with many I still achieve successful cooperation through the work that connects us.
I am always open to any kind of communication and cooperation.

After more than a decade in HTML environment, which in my opinion is the essence of the web, I expanded my interest towards WordPress, Bootstrap and OpenCart (Shopping Cart Solution).

ITAF ICT Services Belgrade d.o.o.

WordPress Developer / Designer

Duration: OCT 2019 -
Location: Belgrade SRB / Ghent BE

  • Company websites;
  • Client's websites;
  • Newsletter HTML design;
  • Photography and graphics;
  • Car branding;
  • Marketing;
  • Microsoft 365 solutions.

Digital ART Mashnica

WordPress Developer

Duration: DEC 2018 - JUL 2019
Location: Belgrade SRB / Perth WA

  • WordPress website for Serbian market;
  • WordPress website for Australian market;

SIG Inc.

Web Architect / Developer

Duration: SEP 2015 -
Location: Montreal, CA

  • Construct and implement the technical design.
  • Selection of Web applications' software platforms and developing site navigation.
  • Analyzing traffic patterns and creating original Web site content.
  • Build the operations end of the organization's Web sites and keep them running smoothly (this includes designing, building, and implementing new Web pages and sites).
  • Integrating sites with back end applications.
  • Migrating legacy applications to the Web.
  • Performing day-to-day administration of the existing Web projects.

Extreme Media d.o.o.

Technical Coordinator

Duration: OCT 2008 - OCT 2018
Location: Belgrade

Editor and translator of many articles in X-Fitness magazine with following duties:

  • Translation and correction of texts from English to Serbian;
  • Photo editing;
  • Website design and coding;
  • Technical support;
  • Basic accounting jobs (invoicing, e-Banking, etc.);
  • iStock photography (keywording, submitting on daily basis);

Sifon d.o.o.

Technical support

Period: JUL 2006 - SEP 2008
Location: Majdanpek

What became as educational project of company's employees about fiscal policy turned out to be full time job with following activities:

  • Maintenance of hardware and fiscal equipment;
  • Technical and customer support;
  • Invoicing and other paperwork;
  • Order planning and order generation;
  • Logistics and transportation;
  • Direct sales association.

Central H d.o.o.

Network admin

Period: NOV 2005 - MAR 2006
Location: Majdanpek

It was intended to be a real technical support but the CEO decided to test me accordingly:

  • Technical security - night shift only.
  • Network admin.


Fiscal cash registers service technician

Period: JUL 2004 - AUG 2005
Location: Majdanpek / Belgrade

Service technician in the biggest IT equipment sale company in eastern Serbia at the time with following duties:

  • Hardware service of main and peripheral computer components;
  • Installation and administration of WAN/LAN infrastructure;
  • Installation of Operating System (Windows, Linux) and various application software;
  • Fiscalisation of cash registers, models Ei Nis (licenced service technician);
  • Education and training of employees regarding POS systems;
  • Tehnical support.

Heating Plant - JKP Komunalac

Electric technician

Period: NOV 1999 - JUN 2004
Location: Majdanpek

Work in local heating plant after High School education within electrical engineering. Activities:

  • Maintenance service of electric installation and equipment connecting the high voltage boilers of massive capacity in the heating plant;
  • Maintenance service of electric installation and equipment in associated remote stations.

Curriculum Vitae

All of the above info can be downloaded as my CV in both English and Serbian language.

Preuzmi CV

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