Where to find sitemap in OpenCart

You have your store up and running and though everything is quite ok you know you have to get involved in that sorcery called SEO because otherwise your store is going to be less visible in the results of the Search engines. You’ve heard of Google, Bing and Yahoo! but there are more of them like Baidu, DuckDuckGo, Exalead, Gigablast, Munax, Qwant, Sogou, Soso, Yandex, Youdao and many others… They have crawlers that search and index your website thus making it pop in the Search results, hopefully on the first page.

What is sitemap?

A sitemap (or site map) is a list of pages of a website accessible to crawlers or users. It can be in several forms usually organized in hierarchical style.

Where is sitemap in OpenCart?

OpenCart is well coded platform and it offers some tools so that your store can have basic SEO optimisation. One of them is located in ExtensionsProduct Feeds (Feeds in version 2.x) where you can find your sitemap.

What can I do with sitemap?

Once you’ve installed Google Sitemap in OpenCart 2.x you can find the URL of the sitemap by clicking the Edit button. Copy that URL and paste it into appropriate field of your Google Webmaster Tools (Search ConsoleCrawlSitemaps). That is how Google Sitemap can be used for SEO of your OpenCart store.

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