Search in product descriptions by default

Many visitors of E-commerce websites use the search to find something of interest and if they spell the keywords wrong the search results will often return a blank result page. Moreover, the default OpenCart search doesn’t look within the product description unless you check the… Read More »


OCMOD quick install guide

Starting from OpenCart version 2 we have this  system that enables us to modify a site by uploading a compressed file that contains XML, SQL and PHP files. That system is called OCMOD and it is based upon Qphoria’s vQmod system. Despite different installation procedures,… Read More »

Remove registration form field in OpenCart

Remove registration form field in OpenCart

You have your online store all setup but the client calls you and says that they really don’t need the Fax field in the registration form because they don’t really use one. So they want you to remove registration form field in OpenCart and get… Read More »