Add customer phone and email to order invoice

Here is the situation: you are admin of the online store for the client and you forward the orders to someone else who is doing the packing and sending the products to the customers. You probably have noticed that the person who is about to send the package to the end user has no vital contact information of the end user and that is phone number and email address. Often those are mandatory information for couriers also who need to contact the person before delivering the package.

Here is a quick modification of the Invoice template which adds those two important fields and saves the day.

Locate the file order_invoice.twig in the following location: admin/view/template/sale/

Find the following (it is line 57 for OpenCart version

{{ order.payment_address }}

and change it like this:

{{ order.payment_address }}<br>
<b>Telephone number:</b> {{ order.telephone }}<br>
<b>Email address:</b> {{ }}  

Save it and upload back to the server. Voila! Now you have all the vital information on the Invoice 🙂

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