Do I want www prefix in my domain URL?

Do I want www prefix in my domain URL?

Long story short, sometimes you may want to include www prefix into domain URL. If so here is how to do it using good old .htaccess file. Same as before the method is simple, you download the .htaccess file from the root directory using FTP… Read More »


How to close current window (tab) with jscript and HTML

Modern browsers usually don’t allow this behavior and closing the current window or tab with jscript is doable only if you previously opened that window with jscript. However, searching for the solution about this topic I managed to make this work and here it is… Read More »

PHP info file

How to create PHP Info file

Lots of times you need to get familiar with your server settings and the easiest way to do so is to create the PHP Info file.


The Ultimate Guide on How to Edit PDF Documents

Everyone knows that PDF is notoriously hard to repurpose. It is not editable by default, so figuring out how to convert one and retain the layout can be a tricky thing. But, there is another approach to this particular problem in this ultimate guide on… Read More »