The Ultimate Guide on How to Edit PDF Documents


Everyone knows that PDF is notoriously hard to repurpose. It is not editable by default, so figuring out how to convert one and retain the layout can be a tricky thing. But, there is another approach to this particular problem in this ultimate guide on how to edit PDF documents.

For some time now, users have struggled with having to edit text in their PDF documents. From accountants to professors, everyone is finding it hard to juggle between file formats and work with PDFs on a regular basis.
But when you have a proper tool with you, it turns out to be pretty easy. With Investintech’s Able2Extract 10, you can easily edit any PDF content, split or merge pages and perform other page level edits. And with the added value from features such as PDF conversion and PDF creation, you get an even bigger bang for the buck.

I was very amazed with the things Able2Extract can help you with, and those are:

Add and delete text

Manipulating text inside a document can seem challenging at first, but once you give it a try, it will feel like child’s play. Able2Extract’s PDF editor is equipped with editing panel for performing any basic or complicated page maneuvers.
With an integrated ‘What You See Is What You Get’ (WYSIWYG) text editor, any change to your PDF content is immediately visible. The software automatically detects your document’s font and size, so you won’t have to spend time figuring that one out by yourself.

Move and Rotate Pages

You can move any page across your document and each time you do that, the new page sequence is instantly updated. Rotation options vary, with a possibility to select from 90° and 180° in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.

Merge and Split PDF files

The tool lets you extract and merge PDF pages from and into a PDF file. If you have some blank or unnecessary pages you’d like to remove, you can extract them into a completely separate document and work on a much cleaner PDF. When extracting a page with this feature, the pages in the original PDF will remain unaltered.

Also, you can insert a new page from a completely new document to compliment your existing content. This is a perfect solution if you have to compile bank invoices or legal documents. If you are working with reports, you may want to insert some data from other PDF and this is one of the easiest ways to do it.

Resize and Scale Pages

The pages can be scaled by percentages, along with content and annotations. If you want to resize the media only, you can use the “Resize” tool, also located in the editing panel.

Use resize feature if you want your content to remain the same and only to resize the page of your PDF file. The page can be resized by inches, centimeters, millimeters, and points. After you setup all parameters, click on the button and your pages will be modified automatically.


Whether you need a quick page edit, or you wish to import something from other documents, Able2Extract can help you with as little effort as possible.

Besides editing, you can easily create or convert PDF documents. The tool offers creation from different types and supports conversion to up to 12 editable formats such as MS Office, Image, and AutoCAD.
Bulk conversion was the feature I found most useful and for around 20 minutes I managed to successfully convert nearly 1500 pages from 5 PDF e-Books. Moreover, the output result looks exactly the same as in original PDFs. No data gets scattered on the page, and no errors are found in newly created output file regardless the format I choose (word, excel…)

To conclude, Able2Extract is a full featured PDF suite that has a solution for any common PDF task you may have. After thoroughly testing it, I encourage you to download a trial version and give it a go. You’ll certainly like the time-saving benefits it has to offer.

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