Brackets Error – PHP runtime not found

Brackets Error - PHP runtime not found

After a certain update of the Brackets software you might get the following error:

PHP runtime not found. Install the PHP7 runtime and update “executablePath” in PHP Preferences appropriately. This enables PHP-related tooling such as Code Hints, Parameter Hints, Jump To Definition and more.

PHP runtime not found

Here is the solution that did the trick for me.

1. Download PHP7

Go to official PHP website to download the PHP7.x  version that you need and extract it to a location on your computer. In my case I did it in the root of C:\ directory.

2. Make changes in System Properties

2.1. You can either type “Advanced system settings” in windows search box (Windows key + S), or right click on My Computer > Properties > Advanced system settings

2.2. Then chose “Environment Variables…”

2.3. Then in the System variables part of the box click on Path/Edit…

2.4. In the next box click on New

PHP runtime not found
2.5. Paste the path to the PHP folder on your computer and click OK.

You’re done!

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    1. Good question. Thank you for commenting. Unfortunatelly, I can’t provide answer at this moment since I’m a Windows user, but if you figured it out meanwhile I would appreciate if you share your solution here.

      1. Update on previous question posted by @Alin:
        Maybe the easiest option is to alter the brackets.json. Simply add this line in the file that opens in the right panel (just before the closing bracket):
        “php”: { “executablePath”: “C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Brackets\\php\\php.exe” }
        Alter the filepath according to your folder’s location.

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