The file wp-config.php already exists

Did you ever see this error message after WordPress fresh install?
The file wp-config.php already exists. If you need to restart any of the configuration items in this file, please delete it first. You may try installing now.
If so then you tried to click on the link to install now and see that the installation is already done and that you can login to your dashboard normally. But when you try to preview your website the error message will appear again. The solution to this error was simple in my case and I hope it will be as simple for you too.

The error message in my case appeared in Mozilla Firefox browser. However, the error was not displayed in Google Chrome. Sometimes the simple clear browser cache task does the job, so hopefully this should solve the issue.

If this does not solve your error or you had other experiences I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

By janoshke

Web developer and IT consultant. Freelancer with full respect for OpenCart and WordPress. Gamer, (ex)drummer and parent.

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