How to create MySQL Database in GoDaddy and Bluehost accounts?

Before installing OpenCart (or WordPress, or any other PHP based platform) you must create MySQL database. Usually you can do this without any previous knowledge of MySQL in cPanel of your hosting platform. I personally prefer GoDaddy and Bluehost as hosting providers, but you may choose others as well, it is totally up to you. So here is how to create MySQL Database in cPanel, it’s just finding the section about databases, following a few easy steps in setup wizard and you’re good to go.

How to create MySQL Database at GoDaddy

Once you log into your GoDaddy account visit the cPanel and scroll down until you see the Databases section. Choose MySQL® Database Wizard (or MySQL® Databases if you are somewhat experienced or want to modify existing databases), follow the steps within the wizard and that’s all there is to it.

how to create mysql database

How to create MySQL Database at Bluehost

After logging into your Bluehost account you should be redirected into cPanel. If not, you can find it under hosting in main navigation menu. Once you are there scroll down untill you see the database tools section and choose MySQL® Database Wizard. Follow the wizard’s few steps and you’re done.

how to create mysql database

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