Why have several file conversion apps? Introducing PCU!

Productivity is an important thing whether you work a regular job for a company, or perhaps you have a business of your own going on. Measuring productivity is hard when you are bad at math, but the definition of the word goes something like this: Productivity is a measurable stat that consists of the amount of work done over time. So the more work you do in as small amount of time as possible, more productive you become.

Increasing your productivity means that you have to get more work done in the same time or faster than usual. You can do this by better organizing your time, by making your environment more work friendly, and by relying on technology. In the past 20 to 30 years most companies have introduced a combination of these techniques in order to achieve better results. Today, we will be talking about the last one – using tech to improve productivity.

PDF Converter Ultimate


PDF Converter Ultimate is available on both iOS and Android

PDF Converter Ultimate is a mobile app developed by Cometdocs, a tech company that specializes in file management and conversion. This app is one of their latest products and most certainly one of their best so far. In just a 3 months it has made a huge impact on the market. It has become one of their best grossing apps even though other apps have been introduced way before PDF Converter Ultimate. This only goes further to show the leap Cometdocs made with this app.

New features and UI

So far, the previous apps this company has developed, are free apps that offer you to purchase a lifetime subscription of fast conversions, otherwise it would take about 30-90 minutes to convert any file. You could also buy integrated cloud services which made it significantly easier for users to import files and convert them. Given that this was seen as unacceptable by many users, Cometdocs decided to try out something new.

PDF Converter Ultimate offers free cloud services and free instant conversions. They have also worked hard on improving the user interface and making it easier to go through files and recognize the files you already converted, as well as introduce a new set of icons for all the different formats.

Convert there, and back!

With PDF Converter Ultimate you can convert 20 different file types, which is more than they have had before in their previous apps. Not only can you convert from PDF, you can convert to PDF as well. There are 6 basic types of conversion: Text, Word, Excel, Image, AutoCAD and Powerpoint.

The free version of the app offers “only” Text conversions, while other are purchasable. Each type of conversion can be purchased individually, but you can also get all of them in a bundle for a cheaper price.

It is important to note that PDF Converter Ultimate does not have an integrated editing feature. This means that you can’t edit your newly converted files within the app itself. It also means that you get the liberty of  making a choice of which app you want to use to edit your files.

Try it out!

Given that the app is available on both major platforms feel free to give it a try. We would love to hear your thoughts on PDF Converter Ultimate. Another interesting thing that you might not know is that if you review the app on the Appstore or Playstore you are directly participating in the app development process. Developers keep an eye on the reviews and often implement certain things that are requested by users, one of such features being the batch conversions available on the Android version as of the last app update.

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