How to remove PDF password protection

PDF password protection

In case you have a PDF file that you need to edit, but it is password protected and you don’t have access to its editing mode, but you do have permission to alter the document (from the owner or any other authorized person or entity) you can simply use your browser. Learn how to remove PDF password protection in 2 easy steps.

This is quite a headache if the person who created the PDF document won’t answer the phone (for some reason) and give you the password to edit the document. In order to bypass the PDF password you can use Google Chrome browser, but you need to have the password to open the file and appropriate permission to edit it. The following steps describe how to remove password from PDF file:

1. Simply drag and drop your password protected PDF file into Google Chrome and it will ask you for password to open the file, since it has built-in PDF reader/writer.

2. Go to file menu in upper right corner and choose Print (or press Ctrl+P on Windows or Cmd+P on Mac). Choose the destination printer as “Save as PDF” and click the Save button.

Google Chrome will save the PDF file without the password protection. If you re-open this PDF you will notice that it no longer require a password to open.

Alternatively, if you have enabled Google Cloud Print, you can choose the destination as “Save to Google Drive” in the print dialog and the unprotected version of the PDF file will be saved to your Google Drive account.

For more advanced PDF editing you can buy Investintech’s Able2Extract 10 which is the best tool for converting and editing PDF files in my opinion. Read more about this tool in my post The Ultimate Guide on How to Edit PDF Documents.

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