Majdanpek, Serbia

Majdanpek aerial view

Majdanpek, Serbia

Majdanpek (Serbian Cyrillic: Мајданпек) is a town and municipality in Bor District of Serbia. According to 2011 census, the municipality of Majdanpek had a population of 18,179 people, while the town itself had a population of 7,367 (source: Wikipedia).

Aside from the fact that this is my hometown, there are many tales and urban legends from this town in eastern part of the Serbia that I keep somewhere in my heart and memories. This post could be kept alive with help of your comments and tales, regardless if you know about the town.

I prepared a gallery of images made from the top of Starica mountain that I proudly want to share with everyone, so enjoy the view by clicking the following link.

Take a look at aerial view gallery.

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