Let me google that for you

Let me Google that for you

Since we use computer devices a lot we tend to talk less to each other. If you try to start a conversation to an IT geek (or some web smartass) with a question you’ll probably get an answer to go Google it up. Now, that is very reasonable thing to do in the first place, but hey, I’m trying to talk to you buddy! Ok, not talking…

So, if you wanna be a smartass (occasionally everybody does) then this is a must know thing. Next time someone asks you something that is obvious or common knowledge, or even something you don’t know but they could less bother you by asking Google, you go to LMGTFY website, enter your question and press a button. Then copy/paste the link to the person who asked you a question before asking the Mighty Google… There you go. You just scored and moved up on the list of IT geeks and web smartass’.  🙂

Check how Let me google that for you looks on this example of mine before you ask someone how to become IT geek.


By janoshke

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